Honey, I’m Home!

Update: I have relocated from sunny South Carolina back to the San Francisco Bay Area and I am working as a Front Office Coordinator in the SF Financial District while I peruse my Holistic Nutritionist Certificate and train to be a Yoga teacher at CorePower Yoga. The move was a big one and a hard one but the hardest part was saying goodbye to my friends in Columbia, SC and my life as a traditional college student.

Since my return and the start of my new job (mentioned above) I have been busy settling in and getting used to my first real and full time office job. With a 9 hour work day and a commute on either end, finding a groove that allows me to preserve my individuality has been a challenge. However, I’m happy to say that I am feeling every-groovier and I’m settling into an enjoyable routine!

First and foremost: Food. As a vegan, I am basically living in the motherland here in the Bay Area. The options are endless and ever growing, and I have hardly scratched the surface. So stay tuned, my foodie friends! I have also begun to expand my cooking horizons, and am enjoying trying out new plant based recipes – all simple and easy to reproduce, of course!

My fitness groove has evolved since I returned home as well. At first it was the struggle of struggles trying to pencil in workouts on one end of my work day. I confirmed my suspicion that at the end of a long day, working out is NOT my jam, as much as I wish it was. I also love my sleep, but I invested in apps (a whole $1.99 for an alarm clock???) that force you out of bed in the morning and am now accustomed to getting up early enough to include an hour long work out in my mornings. As mentioned above, I have finally embarked on my yogic journey, which has always been a dream of mine (more on that later). My work outs consist of mostly yoga at CorePower with some treadmill, weights, and FlyWheel mixed in for fun!

I am excited to continue to share in more detail everything that I have been up to and revamp KISS to match my newfound devotions to holistic nutrition and yoga that are currently my life’s main focuses! Stay real and stay tuned, y’all 🙂


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