Easy Vegan Zoodle Dinner


Incase you were wondering what I whip up for dinner if I can’t decide what to make, here it is: One Pan Balsamic Veggie and Zoodle Dinner. And theres good news: it’s SO easy to make, and it’s SO good for you!

All you need are zoodles (you can buy these at the store but I prefer to make my own using my spirilizer which I got on amazon.com for about $25), veggies of your choice (I usually have frozen brussel sprouts and pearl onions on hand), aged balsamic vinegar, red pasta sauce, and seasonings of your choice (I use Himalayan pink salt, pepper, chili flakes, and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast on just about everything).

Here’s how I prepare it:

First I start by heating a pan on high with a little bit of oil and himalayan pink salt, and then I add in the thickest vegetables (I like to cut my brussels in half and cook them face down on the skillet so that they are somewhat crispy by the end) and then continue to add vegetables in based on how long they will take to cook. Feel free to add more oil (I love Trader Joe’s coconut and olive oil aerosol sprays) and now is the time to add seasonings like himalayan pink salt, pepper, and chili flakes as well. When everything seems to be cooked to your liking, turn heat to low and add a generous drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar. Next just transfer it into a bowl, add pasta sauce and nutritional yeast on top, and viola, you have a healthy, refreshing, vegan dinner ready to eat!

It may look somewhat complicated, but as usual it’s very simple and your dishwasher and digestive system will both be thanking you for that fact.

Keep it simple, keep it veg!!! Peace and love y’all

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