Croatia – Rovinj, Split, Dubrovnik

This past week I had the opportunity to drive down the coast of Croatia. It was the most beautiful experience that I would recommend to anyone who loves coastal beauty. I made three stops, the first of which was Rovinj, a picturesque small Istrian town based around a castle on a hillside that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. Next, I saw Split which is a fun city that is also located on the Adriatic Sea. My favorite part of Split was the Old Town which is a collection of the most amazing shops, restaurants, and bars set in Diocletian’s ancient castle which overlooks the Adriatic Sea as well. Finally, I went to Dubrovnik which is where my favorite HBO show, Game of Thrones, did a lot of filming (it is where most of the scenes set in Kings Landing are shot). Dubrovnik is also a town set in an ancient castle overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most dramatic and beautiful cities I have ever seen, with no shortage of breathtaking views and experiences. Here are some photos from my time in this beautiful country, I hope you enjoy!




These are just a few of the photos I got in magnificent Croatia, I hope you enjoy looking at them even a fraction of the amount I enjoyed taking them!

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