Le Vespe Cafe: Breakfast Ideals with SF Feels

While I can never say enough wonderful stuff about Italy, what I do miss dearly about the USA are giant cups of coffee and filling breakfasts complete with included sides of potatoes. Probably for their own good, Italians don’t value breakfast and overindulge in it the way us Americans do, which means it can be hard to find the same breakfast options that we have grown accustomed to. Add a vegan diet to this predicament, and the challenge is even more daunting!

This morning I set out on a mission to fill the vegan breakfast void that growing dependent on True Food Kitchen brunch at home has left me with. Fortunately, this problem was easily and quickly solved when I stumbled upon Le Vespe Cafe – an extremely vegan friendly cafe that also offers a hip and funky atmosphere, vegan baked goods to-go, free wifi, and cool vintage board games like Monopoly, Battleship, and Pictionary if you’re into that. Not only does Le Cafe Vespe have amazing vegan food options, it also has a fantastic smoothie and juice menu with options like Matcha Boost and Tropical Trip, as well as an expansive breakfast cocktail menu with Bloody Mary’s and fun takes on Irish Coffee.

This morning, I needed to find a spot to settle in and work on my coding class and enjoy a fortifying breakfast – which is exactly what I got! I ordered an American coffee and I swear my heart almost exploded out of my chest when I saw the giant mug of delicious coffee they brought me… and it only went up hill from here.  I ordered “The Dundas” which is a tofu scramble wrap with chipotle seasoned potatoes, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, and more and also comes with a small salad and a side of breakfast potatoes. It was one of the best breakfast’s I have had, and it definitely filled the aforementioned void that True Food Kitchen’s vegan chorizo burrito left me with.

Basically, this place is absolutely perfect and I will most definitely be back to try their Sunday brunch cocktails, smoothies, vegan baked goods, and multitude of other delicious looking vegan lunch and breakfast options. In a place like this, it’s all I can do not to say “I’ll have one of everything”!

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