A Kombuchanary Fail


Let’s be real, kombucha is seriously awesome. Incase you’re unfamiliar with Kombucha it’s a fermented beverage of black tea, a special colony of bacteria and yeast, and some sort of sugar (could be from fruit, honey, cane sugar, or other various sources) that becomes carbonated and contains probiotics, enzymes, b-vitamins, vinegar, and tons of other good stuff. It’s great for your gut flora and it tastes amazing, it gives you energy and an immune boost, it detoxifies and aids digestion, it’s basically a super-beverage.

Every time I have had kombucha, I have absolutely loved it and experienced many benefits from it… except for one thing: it made my skin break out the next day, every single time I drink it without fail. I knew that this side effect was simply the detoxification process beginning and my body getting used to these new bacteria colonies in my gut, but even still my vanity stopped me from consuming any kombucha – I avoided it like the plague for almost three years!

Recently I decided to do a little experiment on myself and see how long this negative side effect would stick around if I drank a little bit of Kombucha every day. I am happy to report that the subtle blemishes subsided in only a couple of days and I am now able to drink Kombucha in peace!

The moral of the story? Trust the process of detoxification! It has to happen somehow, and the sooner you let it happen the sooner you’ll reap the benefits. Happy Kombuching, y’all!





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