Yogi Diaries: Inversions for Beginners & My Favorite Resource

As I’ve mentioned before, balance is not something that comes naturally to me. That being said, the extra effort it takes for me to master balances and inversions in no way deters me from working hard and achieving those goals! In my opinion, the hard work and perseverance it takes to get into these poses makes them all the more rewarding.

For me, achieving and maintaining inversions requires a lot of extra practice outside of the studio. If I’m super short on time and just want to maintain my progress, I’ll usually just do a warm up before going into the inversions I have mastered and holding them for 10 yogi breaths each.

If I do have time, however, I love to use resources like Yoga Journal to expand my practice through their expansive archive of free yoga videos. When I was first mastering inversions, I got into the habit of watching the same video almost daily to practice safely and correctly going into my inversions, and it worked wonders for my practice!

This video starts by warming you up for your inversions by taking you through some balancing poses and practice kicks, which I find to be extremely helpful (especially if I haven’t practiced yet that day). If you are already warmed up, however, you can skip to 9 minutes and 55 seconds which is where the yogi brings you to the wall to get right into the inversions. She focuses on traditional head stand, tripod headstand, and handstand.

The best part is that this awesome video caters specifically to beginners, so no matter how little experience you have with inversions you will reap the benefits after watching it even once! Click here to watch the video and start mastering inversions now (side note: don’t worry if you don’t have a yoga strap or a block).