My Easy Matcha Latte Hack

For the longest time I would scroll through my instagram feed looking longingly at all the matcha latte’s that healthy food bloggers out there were making, thinking to myself “I wish I had the time and energy to buy a matcha whisk and bowl and slave over it morning after morning”….. until finally I realized I didn’t need all that special equipment and I can do it on my own in under 5 minutes!

I’m always trying to cut corners in the kitchen if you haven’t noticed…

Anyway, here’s my cheaters hack to easy matcha lattes: a blender.

Simply blend your matcha powder with your *still cold* milk (I like cashew or coconut milk) along with anything else you would like to add (my staples are ashwagandha powder and collagen peptides). When the mixture is well combined, just add hot water and voila!!!

**NEVER put the hot water in the blender with your milk and powders

Now even busy ladies (and gents) can take part in the morning matcha craze as we rush out the door!!


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you will still achieve that beautiful foam when you use your blender, trust me!

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